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Gain Control, find out what is actually happening with your thoughts and feelings and how to make better decisions on a daily basis

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Kick Start Program

Let me guess you've started various training programs and diets and never got the results you really wanted? 

You've joined a gym and never went? you've followed a program for a few months with success but then fell back into your old ways. 


You want to try a new program that will kickstart your fitness journey once again, or maybe you've got the result you wanted but never been able to maintain it.


So many questions... and I get these all the time...


how many times should I train a week? Is Fasted cardio the best way to drop extra body fat? Lifting heavy weight is the best way to get muscle? High Intensity Interval Training is the best way to build your fitness level?


you don't know what program to follow or how much protein or carbs you should be eating or even if you should be eating fat at all. You don't know is three meals better than five? Should I be eating more high protein diet and cutting out my carbs?  you feel really bad  and guilty about having a take out when you are training and doing so well all week.


you're self sabotaging and talking yourself down having negative thoughts about how you look and feel. you're constantly looking for motivation to stay on track. You gave in to peer pressure from friends and family and you listen to their BS.

Let me give you some clarity...


Being Ready For Anything means, mental clarity and calmness in real life situations, with strength and fitness to cope with the  expected and unexpected.

  1. Find out the 5 main exercises that will give you better results.

  2. Learn of the 3 areas of thought that's sabotaging you to get where you want to be.

  3. Understand the fundamentals of healthy eating and the weight loss and muscle building becomes a by product of your actions


When you really learn how you execute these exercises properly you become not only stronger but pain may be reduced, your posture improves not to mention that you will be improving your metabolism promoting muscle building and toning so you can then reduce body fat.

3 AREAS of Thought

Taking from the Chimp paradox you have 3 brains of thought. 1 the chimp brain 2 the Human brain and 3 your computer brain.

I will explain the process of thought and how it all connects to that you can better understand what part of your thought process is in control at any specific time. once you understand this you can make better decisions.


Trusting the process and learning a little more each week about food prep, learning how to cook new nutritious meals. Expanding your arsenal in the kitchen you won't feel the need to go for take aways or eating in restaurants, but when you do you will enjoy it a lot more.

making small but essential decisions in your diet can make a massive impact in how you feel and look. Feeding your body what it needs, you will be rewarded with more energy improved physique which in turn will impact positively on how you are thinking about yourself along the way.

Reality check...

While you've done 8-12 week programs and may have achieved short term success I want to be real if you want long term result you have to think long term and be constantly looking for ways to improve. It is a continuous process, and a life investment for you to tap into your own potential.

If you have a personal goal and you believe you need the extra coaching to get you to where you want to be. I have the tools and the questions that will open up the doors to where you want to  be.

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Ready For anything


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