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Addiction & Recovery (podcast ep.1)

The first episode of my podcast is with Gary Rutherford... He's been clean from drugs and alcohol for 8 years now and has changed his life around.

He now works as a registered community addiction nurse and has set up a non profit called A.R.C fitness (or Addiction Recovery Coaching).

Training and exercise was a major part of his recovery and in this podcast he gives tips and reasons why it is a major part in the process of recovery.

1) fills a void, the empty space of an addicts day

2) heals your body and mind, helps with your natural sleep cycle

3) give an outlet release of anger and aggression

4) develops resilience and a mental toughness

5) boosts confidence and self esteem

'exercise is a potent anti-depressant' - Stephen ilardi

Podcast is here if you would like a listen


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