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Breaking Inertia Podcast - Louis Pearson owner talks business

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

OLY Clothing is a apparel company and have grown substantially over the past three years. Louis talks about humble beginning and starting only with £400, two T-shirts and tailoring to Crossfit athletes.

Now supplying in the UK  and globally they have created more products (exclusives mentioned in the show) and branching the company into 4 areas of health and fitness.

I learnt a lot from the talk the resources, books and advice Louis give is straight forward and to the point.. I would advise you get a pen and paper ready for the ah ha moments. Louis and OLY clothing are continually giving back and supporting local athletes, Strongman, powerlifters and olympic lifters and creating awareness in the health and fitness industry.

Head over to Olyclothing.com and make use of the anniversary sale that is on right now Please Like and Share if you found this content valuable.

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