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Money & Investing

In recent times the corona virus has hit hard and affected a lot of industries and Buisnesses. I personal have notices my savings account interest go from 2.5% to 1%. This has triggered me to go look for other means of making my savings grow.

I also just want to point out that I'm no Guru in the investment realm, However it does intrigue me while in these difficult times I could capitalise on the circumstances.

I've been told many times about 212 trading App and how simple it is to trade your money with currency, stocks and hedge funds. You don't even need a laptop, your mobile phone is enough to get started.

I've come to find the trading 212 invest is the safer way to invest and CFD is the more risker way of investing.

Now because of the down turn in the markets you can buy stocks at a lower price at this moment in time. However you are betting that the market will come good again. This may take several months or even years its something we just can't predict. As the saying goes No Rick No Reward. You could invest small amounts that you can afford to lose and reduce the risk. The gains will be slower.

In my experience I have invested in companies that have been giving me a yield of -2% up to 55%.

If you research and look at history these trends, down turns do come good again. It just means how much patience do you have to weather the storm. It's also good to note that fluctuations do happen so you may lose before gaining. It's good to keep an eye on what you have invested in. The App give very quick updates on the markets and is very close to real time figures.

I personally want to invite you to try it for yourself, the trading app has got video training and you can also check out the youtube channel which will explain more about the trends and terminology.. CLICK HERE TO MAKE USE OF THE INVITE

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