• seamus feeney

My Training Cycle

After a year travelling I'm back home and ready to get into routine...

My training is in the following structure

Day 1 Strength

This will consist of 5x5 training but yo can really use any strength/powerlifting program here are some examples;


Texas method

Cube method

DeLorme Program


Day 2 W.O.W (Work On Weaknesses)

usually this day can consist of Endurance, Metcons Body Building, Gymnastic, and Strongman training.

I tend to make this as enjoyable as possible (like every session) Yoke and Farmers carries are one of my favourite.

Day 3 Strength

Day 4 W.O.W

Day 5 (Rest/Strength/Crossfit)

Day 6 Rest

Day 7 Conditioning

Thats the basic structure I leave day five flexible to add some variety and depending on how I feel after the 4 days of training.


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