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Perspective - The Chimp Paradox

Craig recommended this book and I thought it was a great recommendation so I decided to do a podcast.

Craig and I talk about the scenarios that you go through on a daily basis. We want to create more of an awareness to these and how you're mind works so that you can ultimately be in more control, in these situations.

Did you ever have a time where you're in a conversation and later think to yourself 'Why did I react that way?'. It was really emotional, You felt that it wasn't you and you weren't in control.

Your brain just got hijacked by your 'Chimp'.

When you become aware of how your brain works you gain back control each time you are put into these types of situations. you're able to think more logically through them.

Below is an example of this.

If you want to know more about the chimp paradox and what Craig and I discussed check out the podcast on all podcast platforms. iTunes, Spotify, Googlecasts...


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