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Training Mindset

Being back home and in a routine I kept to my training schedule 

Now I'll be honest I was wrecked by the end of the week.. I was glad to get a rest day on the Saturday.

Feeling a little bit run down I started a multi vitamin and omega 3 fish oils.

a couple of the hardest workouts this week was as follows

friday 11/1/19 


10 devils press

5 Bar Muscle Ups

8-10 DB squat cleans

10 10m Shuttles


I mindset and mental game wasn't helping me on this workout. I always find that having some level of aggression in the workout aids me and I was being a little stand offish.

The minute for each section started to creep up and I wasn't able to be consistent in each set. I began holding off starting the muscle ups for extra recovery.the same happened in the shuttle rather than pushing through that last minute I began to slow down. I was going to get a full minute to recover anyway so I asked myself after why didn't I just push harder.

I believe my mindset and approach to training can be improved and one thing I'm going to implement in visualise my workout and incorporate more aggression, This works for me not necessarily everyone.

You need to attune into your own thoughts and feeling and be aware of how you are reacting to the environment or workout.

One Person I know who works immensely on mindset is Tom Foxley

If you struggle with your mindset check out the website below and the podcast 

website. https://www.mindsetrxd.com

podcast. https://www.mindsetrxd.com/podcast/

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